for Trinity with Love… and a little Ricostru

What would happen if Trinity the heroine of the great trilogy MATRIX joined up in a Bond Movie? Would she be a bad girl or good girl?

Here are some unforeseen selections from the latest RICOSTRU Collection from Milan AW 2019… featuring long and leggy pencil skirts in friendly leather and suiting materials.

Most of all, don’t let your eye wander off the signature Trinity coat ready for a getaway to any mid autumn festival and shimmering selections for evening from a casual to prepped out day suits.





Foreo International




Who’s to say… as to which side she’s ever really on… but one thing is for sure.  We’ll be able to recognize her.

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Foreo International

Doing unto others as the MINI do….

DSC04097.JPGThis year MINI x YDC 2018 collaborated with current Young Designers REDEMPTIVE, YLY STUDIO, and  Yeung Chin on Closing Night of CENTRESTAGE Hong Kong featuring their Windbreaker Limited Edition Collection launching on September 13, 2018 with benefits of sales going to Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

YLY STUDIO for a full garage look..


REDEMPTIVE for the classic trench coat feel…


YEUNG CHIN for a sleek edgy self decor…


Pick up a Windbreaker and SUPPORT future talent with MINI for a fashionably stylish 2019 !!!



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Stitch my initials with S.L. please, stands for Sexy Legs, sultry lace, and Saint Laurent, Of Course!

While not everyone wears the pants at Saint Laurent’s AW 18 Milan Collection you will find a cool mix of debauchery in dark layered fabrics from faux fur to ruched waist tied lace covers.  Read More