Aww Bullocks, Not Ocean Again???

Ever wonder what goes thru a master mind’s thought or brain?? Ever wonder if they just wake up in the whatever time and say.. What shall I wear today?? Hmmm,  well I bet Debbie Ocean does just that in her upcoming role playing to pull off yet another Ocean’s 8 heist!

So I’m sure you’ve heard by now that the upcoming Oceans 11 sequel to be will be dominated by a star studded she – crew led by the talented and savvy, always our favorite, Sandra Bullock.  Yet she comes into this already female filled flick with big shoes to fill to include divas like Julia Roberts, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Ellen Barkin and the overall male testosteroned lead man George Clooney and team of shady heisters.

White Sands Swim

So who is this so called she-crew I’m talking about?? Well sources have included names as Anne Hathaway, RIHANNA, Cate Blanchett, Olivia Munn, and Dakota Fanning.  Whew!!  And of course head to head appearances by Helena Bonham Carter and Katie Holmes.

But throughout this I’m wondering how will this usually known Glam Queen stand out amongst all this Glammness besides carrying the name of “OCEAN” as Danny Ocean’s sister?  My guess is that she is going to have a pretty slammin’ stylist working overtime and perhaps making the team’s own seclusion into GRAVITY to make it happen!! (US)Here is definitely what I’m foreseeing to be on screen being worn by Ms. Bullock’s shifty bod for the sultry, schemey and clever scenes on the big screen.  Our version of paper doll fun check out our picks and favorites from this years 2018 Collections to include Prada RESORT 2018, Louis Vuitton Cruise Collection 2018, and CHANEL RESORT 2018 Collection.

The first Collection I could see Debbie Ocean opting for is something like this below taken from the Prada Resort 2018 Collection.  Very similar to Danny Ocean’s love interest, Tess Ocean’s taste in art and men.


Prada Resort 2018 Collection -photos vogue / Photo: Monica Feudi /


Prada Resort 2018 Collection -photos vogue / Photo: Monica Feudi /

Or perhaps she’ll use her “get out of jail free card” and go for this Danny Ocean look meme style outfits,  post and pre jail threads by the Louis Vuitton SS Cruise 2018 Collection designed by Nicolas Ghesquière.


Louis Vuitton Cruise 2018 – photo : IndigitalTV/


Louis Vuitton Cruise 2018 – photo : IndigitalTV/

Speaking of Goddesses, will the style team instead help vanquish a fortune into the hands of Debbie Ocean, a self made Goddess, or settle on one of the accomplices in one of these Chanel Resort 2018 drapey styled decorations.

Still, at the end of the day, Sandra Bullock, or Debbie Ocean will have a good scheme of ideas and personalities to dip into.  Will she go for something that’s already worked in the past in the Ocean 11 sequels as the lovely art driven and well loved, Julia Roberts dressed in an Asian Art fashion.  Will she opt to disguise herself as her inner “she boss player” in a Danny Ocean messy tux look, or will she meander us all in her Grecian soft and demure crashing a party but welcomed, nonetheless, in pretty pastels and earth tones.  I guess nothing at all might not be good enough for this cat burglar too.                        

coming to a theater

near you 

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