Get Skilled Out for a Game of Thrones

DSCF6943-1024x768It’s spring time and now is your chance for that after spring break hustle and bustle “real” getaway you been looking for…  Well here’s a perf vacation for you and your besties to achieve new skills and cover ground like a real Game of Thrones biatch.

Get lost in the UK scenery with MOUNTAIN YAK your new english establishment to spot you some new navigation and scrambling skills you didn’t know you had.

Also, stay in the poshest tents you may ever stay in like these sweet out of a fairy tale bell tent.

more of these tent images courtesy at

Climb the highest peaks in Wales or strut your medieval vibes along the mountain sides..


booking all year.  have fun!!   Oh …and while you are at it don’t forget your fashion gear like these cool weather prepared add ons by O’Neill   xoxoxo   :::                              @BIKINISHELL

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