Summer in Alaska

DSC02648Well I spent my summer in Alaska this year with lots of daydreaming and standing around.   I thought lots of Bikini Shell and the direction we were about to take and adventures we were about to have.

Not surprisingly we found ourselves in Wonderland again and further to trek the upcoming seasons of whats made for us and what belongs to our hearts.

I hope to never stop looking for perfect freedom in a perfect mind and the feelings of power and strength to share my beliefs with people who share my same joys and gratitudes.

Here I am in the edges of the Southeastern Alaska mountain ranges in a small corner of Skagway.

*special thanks to Love Zuvi Leggings for sending me these awesome leggings and Cia Maritima for placing this awesome silky soft ipad case in my gift bag at fashion week miami.

leggings: LOVE ZUVI

ipad case: Cia Maritima


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